Enhance Your Tax Management with Comprehensive GST Audit Services

A GST audit is a detailed examination of a business's GST returns, financial records, and compliance with GST laws and regulations. Although not mandatory for all businesses, conducting a GST audit can help identify errors, discrepancies, and potential areas of non-compliance, ultimately leading to improved tax management and reduced risks of penalties or disputes

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While GST audits may not be a mandatory requirement under current regulations, it remains a powerful tool for businesses to ensure accurate tax management, streamline processes, and mitigate compliance risks. At FINITRA, we offer comprehensive GST audit services designed to empower businesses with actionable insights and enhanced tax compliance strategies. Let's explore how our services can benefit your organization:

Verification of Returns: Auditors examine the GST returns filed by the taxpayer to ensure the accuracy of reported turnover, tax payments, input tax credits, and other relevant information.

Examination of Records: Auditors review the taxpayer's accounting records, invoices, purchase registers, sales registers, credit notes, debit notes, and other documents to verify the correctness and completeness of transactions.

Assessment of Input Tax Credits: Auditors verify whether the taxpayer has correctly claimed input tax credits on eligible purchases and expenses in accordance with GST laws and rules.

Compliance with GST Provisions: Auditors assess the taxpayer's compliance with various provisions of the GST law, including registration requirements, invoicing rules, filing of returns, payment of taxes, and maintenance of records.

Identification of Irregularities: Auditors identify any irregularities, discrepancies, or non-compliance issues during the audit process and recommend corrective actions or penalties as necessary.

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